Venerable Violins

Welcome to Our Collection – from exceptional “Student” instruments to coveted “Collector” instruments

We continually search for exceptional violins, violas, and cellos from around the world and when we find one that we have to own, we buy it.  We bear the risk of an unfortunate purchase, or an instrument that’s been misrepresented, not you.  For us to purchase, and restore if necessary, an instrument, it must –

  • be in pristine physical condition –
    • structurally sound with tight seems & connections,  quality components (bridge, sound post, strings, tailpiece, nut and saddle, fingerboard, tail pin and pegs), and free of compromising cracks
    • beautiful in appearance with possible signs of time and wear and good use but free of signs of damage and abuse
  • be handmade by a quality, and often well-known, craftsmen
  • possess exceptional sound quality
    • every instrument in our collection has undergone a sophisticated spectrum analysis, using a 1757 Antonio Stradivarius as the baseline, and has been determined to be within our acceptable quality range
  • often times be of reasonable historic significance
    • many of our instruments have a long and prestigious pedigree of performance
    • occasionally they were crafted during a unique period of time in music history
  • have clear and reliable documentation
    • we go through painstaking research to validate the authenticity of each instrument so that we, and you, know what is being purchased

Currently we have a small collection of truly exquisite instruments that we are proud to offer.  Our inventory changes whenever we find or sell an exceptional instrument.  We have no sales goals; if we find an instrument we love, we buy it.  We aren’t compelled to have inventory for the sake of having something to sell.  Ours is more of a collector’s inventory and we are happy to share our unique finds with you.  Please check our inventory regularly, you never know when we’ll acquire an instrument that you have to own.

Our pricing is dictated by regularly monitored market valuations and by the same characteristics that compelled us to buy the instrument.

We invite you to listen to each instrument’s sound/video clip so you can hear for yourself exactly what each instrument sounds like.  Our instruments are visually beautiful, but after all, the reason one owns a musical instrument is for its sound.  Please browse our inventory and feel free to contact us with any questions/offers you may have related to our instruments.  We offer a 14-day Money-back Guarantee, buyer pays return shipping.