Product Design & Use

The Slipper TM is designed for those players who want their violin/viola to remain secure & comfortable on their shoulder.  It is clearly not intended for use by players who position their instrument more toward the front of their body or who like their instrument to move around while playing.  Designed by a violinist for violinists, it is handmade in the USA.

Sizes & Fit – The design of The Slipper TM for Violin will fit “right-handed” 3/4 – 4/4 violins with lower bout measurements between 6.75″ – 8.0″, as well as 13″ – 14″ violas within the same range.  The design of The Slipper TM for Viola will fit “right-handed” 14.5″ – 16.5″ violas.  Specifically, The Slipper TM for Viola ‘Artist’ will fit instruments (violin or viola) with lower bout measurements between 8.625″ – 11.0″.  On a customized basis, we will consider making a different size.  And we will make a “Lefty” for an additional charge of $30.

Which Viola rest is right for you, the ‘Original’ or the ‘Artist’ –
As described by our design, our experience, and our customers’ experiences, these are the significant differences between the two…

First, the ‘Original’. The feel and playability of the ‘Original’ is more open and mobile/flexible; if you’re playing style is to move your instrument around quite a bit, the ‘Original’ accommodates that while still providing comfort, support, and stability. And where each of our three rests have been independently proven to allow maximum sound to resonate from your instrument, the ‘Original’ doesn’t provide as loud and bright a sound transference as the ‘Artist’. So if you’re playing in a quieter, more intimate setting, perhaps with one or two other softer instruments (e.g., harp, flute), and in a bit smaller venue, the ‘Original’ is ideal.

The ‘Artist’, while still allowing normal movement of the instrument, is a bit more stationary; it’s comfortable and supportive, but provides less mobility. Many players like this feel because it takes most of the pressure away from your left hand and allows your left hand to be ultimately mobile (vibrato and position changes). And the sound transference is astounding; most people’s comments are that they were shocked that their instrument could be that loud and voluminous. The best setting for the ‘Artist’ is in a larger setting where either you have a solo piece or want to make sure you can be heard over the crowd; it allows your instrument to be the most that it can be, unencumbered, unrestrained, and un-dampened.

Other than fit, feel, and sound, everything else is the same; the sizing, the adjustability, their ergonomic benefits, their ability to fit into most viola cases, etc..

The Slipper TM is designed to be easily carried inside most modern cases.